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Archives (2004)



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Michael Gehmacher, Union of Salaried Private Sector Employees, shop steward
Robert Hobek, Union of Postal and Telegraph workers
Peter Ulrich Lehner, Managing Editor of Mitbestimmung, trade union paper
Josef Loew, OBB, Austrian Railways, Chairman of Representative body, constituency 904

Luciana Genro, federal deputy from the state of Rio Grande do Sul

Jo Coulier, Vice President ACOD-Onderwijs region Brussel
Simon Van Haren, member of the Social Council (VUB) of Free University of Brussels
Jasper Rommel, CWI member

England and Wales
Raph Parkinson, UNISON national executive (NEC), vice chair of the international committee
Gary Jones, NEC member of the Communication Workers Union (CWU)
Bernard Roome, NEC member CWU
Dave Nellist, Socialist Party councillor, Coventry
Rob Windsor, Socialist Party councillor, Coventry
Ian Page, Socialist Party councillor, Lewisham
Chris Flood, Socialist Party councillor, Lewisham

Raimundo Espinoza, President Codelco (Copper Miners’ Union)

Czech Republic
Vaclav Votruba, CMOS PS - Teachers Union, branch leader
Zdenek Erben, Free Unions Association Behr Czech, chairman
Petr Jindra, Free Unions Association Prague - Beroun - Melnik, regional organiser

Pascal Grimbert, conseillers syndicaux du Snuipp de Seine Maritime
Marie Jose Douet, conseillers syndicaux du Snuipp de Seine Maritime
Sylvian Bled, membre de la commission executive departementale CGT
Olivier Ruet, membre du bureau academique CGT -Education Creteil

Marc Treude, IGBCE, Betriebsrat of Cinram Alsdorf
Lorenz Blume, ver.di, shop steward at Kassel University
Steffi Nitschke, ver.di, shop steward at Kassel Hospital
Katharina Seewald, DGB, regional chair, Nordhessen
Klaus Hauswirth, member of the ver.di unemployment council in Hamburg
Susan Powell, Betriebsratin and shop steward at Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Hamburg
Alexandra Arnsburg, Mitglied im Bezirksfachbereichsvorstand ver.di FB 9 Berlin Brandenburg
Claus Ludwig, councillor for the alliance "United Against Social Cuts", Cologne
Torge Loeding, ver.di shop steward (Ersatz-Mitglied des BR) Heise Zeitschriften Verlag

Nikos Malinoglou, Chair of local union of hospital workers in Sismanoglio Hospital, Athens
Stella Hondromatidou, member of EC of local union of hospital workers, Papageorgiou hospital
Yiannis Triggas, Chair of Bookshop and Paperworkers Union
Dimitris Hadjikostas, member of Student union executive at Macedonia University, Thessaloniki
Nikos Kanellis, member of student union executive at Thessalia University
Panagiotis Anapalis, member of student union executive at Thessalia

Ireland South
Clare Daly, Siptu catering shop steward Aer Lingus and County Councillor, Fingal Council, Dublin North
Joe Higgins, Socialist Party member of national parliament (TD)

Ireland North
Jim Barbour, Fire Brigades Union (FBU), executive
Tony Maguire, FBU, secretary Region 2
Carmel Gates, Northern Ireland Public Services Alliance (NIPSA) President
Padraig Mulholland, NIPSA, chair Public Officers Group
Paul Dale, NIPSA, vice-chair Civil Service Group
Mary Cahillane, INTO - teachers’ union, executive member

Mariska van Ommen, councillor at the Provincial Assembly of Overijssel for the SP and citycouncillor for the SP in Deventer
Johan Kwisthout, citycouncillor for the SP in Breda (chair of the socialist group at the council)
Dick Meeusen, citycouncillor for the SP in Breda (all three in personal capacity)
Bas de Ruiter, local president of ROOD, youth in the Socialist Party of the Netherlands, in the city of Den Bosch

Abubkar Baba Waziri
Akinlalu Michael Mofoluwasayo, DSM

Azad Kadri, national deputy secretary general PTLC Lions Unity Union
Faisal Wahid, national secretary General Railway Workers’ Union (Workshop)
Rukshana Manzoor, Secretary Education Mutahida Labour Federation

Francisco Raposo, Lisbon Council Workers’ Union

Gary Clark, CWU Minority Grade branch secretary
Ronnie Stevenson, social work stewards’ convenor, UNISON, Glasgow City Council
Ian Fitzpatrick, PCS
Eric Stevenson, UNISON shop steward, Glasgow City Council Housing dept
Jim McFarlane, social work stewards convenor, UNISON, Dundee City Council
Danny McAllion, UNISON shop steward, East Renfrewshire Council
Alison Hughes, UNISON shop steward, Dundee City Council
Janice Godrich, President, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)

South Africa
Bongo Sijora, Socialist Student Movement, University of the Witwatersrand executive
Sipho Tshabalala, chairperson Socialist Student Movement, University of Kwa Zulu Natal, Durban Westville
Thato Mohapi, shop steward SA Municipal Workers’ Union, Greater Johannesburg branch
Sipho Rapolina, EC member, Pretoria region, National Health and Allied Workers Union, personal capacity
Bernie,Beukes, Secretary.General, Commercial Services and Allied Workers Union (Cosawu)
Trevor Christian, President, Cosawu
Tengwa Makwenke, Concerned Residents Movement (Coremo), Khayelitsha, Western Cape

Sri Lanka
Janaraja Joint Healthworkers’ Union
Socialist Plantation Workers’ Union

Jonas Brannberg, Rattvisepartiet Socialisterna (RS) councillor, Luleć
Liv Gustavsson-Rhodin, RS councillor, Luleć
Jan Hagglund, RS councillor, Umeć
Ingrid Eriksson, RS councillor, Umeć
Yvonne Lantto, RS councillor, Umeć

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