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CDWR supports JUSAN strike action

Press statement
23 June 2005

The Campaign for Democratic and Workers' Rights (CDWR) sends this solidarity message and political support to the entire Judiciary workers in Nigeria under the umbrella body of the “Judiciary Staff Association of Nigeria” (JUSAN) over their strike action for payment of all outstanding benefits, establishment of the judicial pension board, implementation of salary structure for the judicial workers, and reinstatement of the suspended workers of Abia State Judiciary amongst other demands. These demands have been lingering on for a long time. Before this strike, JUSAN had already, in November 2004, embarked on a 5-day warning strike to press for these demands.

Already, some Federal management staff of Federal High Courts have been making frantic efforts to break the strike by saying that JUSAN does not exist in Federal High Courts. This proclamation has, to a large extent, demobilised most of the judicial workers at the Federal High Courts especially in Lagos State as most Federal High Courts opened for work yesterday when the strike began. Workers should not be cajoled by this deceit. On Tuesday, June 21, the National Executive Council (NEC) of JUSAN, which encompasses the leadership of both Federal and State Judiciary workers, resolved, after an emergency meeting in Abuja to embark on the strike.

The workers, both at state and federal levels should therefore fight and struggle together so as to achieve their goals. Only the government will profit from any division among the workers in this period of strike. JUSAN’s leadership should therefore intensify mobilisation and propaganda to move the struggle forward. If we organise, mobilise and struggle, we have nothing to lose but our chain of pain and poverty.

CDWR calls on all industrial unions and labour centres like Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Conference of Free Trade Unions (CFTU) to lend support for this strike. In fact, they should use this opportunity to draw a comprehensive programme of action for all the workers to struggle for a better deal from government and all employers of labour. This has been long over due. CDWR also demands that the government, both at state and federal levels to unconditionally, without delay, meet the demands of the workers in order to end this strike action.

Rufus Olusesan